What are Opportunity Class and Selective High School Placement Tests?

In New South Wales there are currently 76 government primary schools with classes that cater for high achieving students. They are called Opportunity Classes and many people refer to these as OCs. Selected students attend these classes full time for two years from Year 5 – Year 6. Students hoping to be selected for these classes take the Opportunity Class (OC) Placement Test when they are in Year 4. The majority of students accepting a place in the opportunity classes will leave their current school to attend the school with the opportunity class.

Similarly there are high schools from Years 7-12 that cater for high achieving students. Most of these are stand-alone selective high schools. There are some partially selective high schools which have selective streams.

The Opportunity Class Placement Test is usually held early in Term 3 towards the end of July. It is for students in Year 4. Information packages will become available from government primary schools and all schools with opportunity classes at the end of April. Applications can be made online only at the end of April to mid-May each year. In 2016 the test date is Wednesday, 27 July.

The Selective High School Placement Test is held late in Term 1 around the middle of March. It is for students in Year 6. Applications for this generally open in mid-October for testing the following year. The closing date is in mid-November. The 2016 test date is Thursday, 10 March.

Both the Opportunity Class Placement Test and the Selective High School Placement Test assess for high levels of English and Mathematics ability as well General Ability which focuses on higher order thinking skills.

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