Time Management

Procrastination is an ailment that plagues almost all of us and any time wasted is time we can never get back. Therefore it is crucial to learn how to manage your time effectively, in order to do the best job of your tasks that you possibly can. Through this you can become more reliable, organised and punctual – three very important attributes to have as an employee in any future career.

The three main barriers towards managing time effectively are lack of motivation, copious distractions and lack of planning.

The following are some strategies for combating these issues:


If you’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to gather any motivation to keep going, just keep one principle in mind: do something every day. Even if it is something little, like 5 minutes quickly skimming through course content, do it. Often, once you’ve started to study, 5 minutes will turn into 30 minutes. Or even if it doesn’t, every little bit of time makes a difference.

Download an app! There are so many apps and websites out there aimed at helping you study. Pomodoro is a brilliant timer, aimed at helping you to cut down your studying into small chunks. Habitica is a website which rewards you with experience points and avatar decorations for keeping good habits. These are just a few out of the many options available to you.

Form a study group with friends. If you go meet up with friends with the purpose of studying in mind you will all serve to keep each other on track. Plus, one of the most effective ways of remembering and understanding information deeply is to discuss it with other people. It’s a win win!


Have a study area. No matter what you do, don’t study in your bed. It’d bad for your spine and psychologically you associate that area of your house with sleep and relaxation. Have an area in your house, free from noise and distractions that you dedicate solely to being productive. Another little tip, don’t bring your phone with you to this area. It’s so easy to be distracted by the *bing!* of a notification and before you know it, you’ve wasted a whole hour.

Turn the internet off! If your school work doesn’t require you to use internet, turn it off. As of September 2014 there were over 1 billion websites in existence. All of them with the potential to distract you. Just stop the distraction at its source, don’t give it the chance.

During exam time, if you are too tired to keep studying, go to sleep. So much time is wasted complaining about tiredness and attempting to fight through it. That state of mind is the one that leads to the most procrastination. Avoid it. Just sleep. You can wake up the following morning in a refreshed state and your time will be spent more effectively.


Having a schedule is an amazing tool and so easy to create. By setting yourself a schedule you are making yourself more accountable for being productive. If skip work, it means that you have more to accomplish in the following hours – giving you less time later in the day for relaxation. This way there is a consequence for procrastination, instead of the usual short-term gratification mixed with stress.

Plan ahead. Look through your planner for the next month or so. Even if the assignment says you have 4 weeks to complete it, after you account for work hours, family obligations, social events, other assignments, etc. you may only have a week of time that you can actually dedicate to it. This has the potential to spur you into action early on, therefore allowing you the time that you need for completing the task.

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