21 September 2018

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Take The Next Step In Mathematics

Take The Next Step In Mathematics

There are many students in Australia who excel at maths, but are not certain how to take their knowledge to a further level. They are limited by the level of maths that the rest of their class requires.

If you are an individual who has great maths skills you may feel that there is no need for you to work hard anymore. It is this exact complacency and pride which makes it a wise choice to get tutoring after school. Realising that there are many more topics to explore that are not covered in any syllabus is a great way to create humility and prevent your learning from going stale. There is always something new to learn in any subject. Here at K12 Academy, we offer qualified teachers who have dedicated their lives to learning maths and completed university degrees in it. They would be thrilled to teach you more complex maths than you have previously known. Also, if you need to be positive that your knowledge of basic maths is solid, the teachers would be more than happy to test you and give you feedback.

Once you have a tutor to guide you through maths, it would be an excellent idea to experiment with new ways of finding solutions. In maths there are always many ways to find the right answer to a question. For example, there is a fascinating video on YouTube known as ‘Exploding Mathematics in Lego’. It was created by a fifth grade student and he illustrates in this video how you can learn fractions using lego. It is definitely worth watching, as it investigates a new dimension to the combination of fun and maths. Another fantastic free website to visit is called ‘Math is Fun’, it is an engaging website for both primary and high school students. ‘Maths is Fun’ demonstrates many ways to understand and solve every maths topic that the NSW syllabus recommends.

After all of that, you should enter a maths competition to examine your knowledge. At K12, we provide students with a chance to enter in the Australian Maths Competition (AMC). It is a splendid way for individuals who enjoy maths to test all the information they know about this subject. It is something worth giving a shot as it will truly take your mastery of this course to the next level. The AMC is more difficult than ICAS maths, so if you are someone looking for a challenge, AMC is the perfect examination for you.

These are some of the ways you can take the next step. It is highly recommended you give these processes a try if you have any passion for maths.

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