K12 academy-what we offer


  • Quality, tailored learning for your child
  • Tutoring in Maths, English and Science
  • Tutoring for school competitions (e.g. NAPLAN, Selective, OC)
  • A choice of individual or group learning for your child
  • An assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A team of friendly, qualified tutors who aim to make your child feel comfortable enough to ask any questions they might have.


Our early years of learning are a time of curiosity, a time where good role models are crucial to our development, and a time in which we repeatedly say "When I grow up...". It is crucial that children of this age do not come to believe that they are just not good enough to succeed. Multitudes of studies have shown that this belief then acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy and leads to a cycle of "Why can't I do anything?". Children need to believe that they are capable of greatness so that when they are faced with challenges, they employ a growth-mindset about the situation, rather than a fixed, I-give-up-mindset. Our team of tutors does not only offer a thorough syllabus-based approach to your child’s learning, they also empower your child with the confidence and the work-ethic to go further. To believe that learning is ‘their thing’.
Primary school k12
K12 Academy-primary school


  Every child is individual. This means that they have individual strengths, individual weaknesses, individual paces of learning and individual methods of learning.   The issue with schooling is that in a classroom of 30 children, it is impossible for teachers to cater to this fact.   That’s where we come in. We identify your child’s needs through assessment and tailor our teaching to the needs of your child.   Primary schooling is perhaps the most essential time in your child’s learning. It is the time in which they build the foundation for all their future knowledge. A time where they label themselves as either smart or incapable. A time where they decide whether they are good at maths and english. These decisions act as the limitations for their futures.   Enable your child to succeed. Enrol at K12 Academy.

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