K To Year 2

The early years of learning is when curiosity is very high and we kick start the learning journey. At this age, we strive to develop the child's interests in the world around them and nurture the spirit to explore as much as possible. Within this fun, discovery-based environment, we help young children learn reading, writing and numeracy skills.
We offer some group activities for kids at this age to give them the opportunity to develop their social skills by learning to co-operate with other children and learn collaboratively.
Children often require personal attention at various stage of their learning curve. Our teaching staff will make sure we identify any learning gaps through various diagnostic methods and address these before they become barriers to future learning.

Year 3 and 4

At this stage the child's ability to learn has grown but due to different levels of early exposure kids need a spotlight to identify their interests and problem areas. We develop a trusting relationship with children to enhance their sense of wonder and to provide support for any particular learning needs
Some kids do not feel comfortable in group activities and think that they will be left behind if they are not able to cope with classroom activities. Our teachers are patient and approachable and will help build confidence with a focused and unbiased attitude.
Some children have difficulty focusing in a group environment or they may get bored or lose concentration or they may not have the confidence to ask questions and give responses when there are others around. In these situations individual personalised lessons are a much better choice in order to ensure maximum benefits for the child.

Year 5 and 6

At this stage most kids are able to communicate their needs but because the level of skills required has increased a child may need personal attention to find out their learning gaps. With one to one tutoring it is easier to identify and tackle the issues. Periodic assessments will be part of the teaching methodology to gauge the students level of understanding of a concept or topic.
K12 believes in a productive environment for learning and to extend the child we promote group research activities. These classes help children discover their potential and are also cost-effective for parents. Such classes are also very useful because they preparation the child for collaborative learning. We arrange assessment and group activities to extend understanding and help children grow into confident and knowledgeable individuals.
If parents are struggling to provide a helping hand and a child needs help to complete their homework our teachers are there for you. We can offer occasional assistance as well as regular classes. Our approach is not to spoon-feed and provide answers but to help develop the ability to finish their own work with minimum assistance. Come and visit us or call to discuss how we can help your child and which arrangement will suit you?