11 July 2018


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NAPLAN Changes

NAPLAN Changes

There have been recent changes to the HSC standards. That is, students will not be able to take part in the HCS without getting at least 8 Bands in Year 9 NAPLAN. Students will now be under a lot of pressure, and now they are going to have to do a test that will determine their further studies and jobs only at the age of 15. Nevertheless, there is always a way to get achieve the high goal.

The board of studies says “From 2020, all Year 12 students in NSW must reach the minimum standard of numeracy and literacy to receive an HSC. This means students undertaking Year 9 in 2017 will be the first students expected to meet the minimum standard.” That being said students will now have to prepare for Year 9 NAPLAN from as early as mid-Year 8. This has to be done so that students can feel comfortable taking the test and feel confidence in the hard work that they have put in.

Even if a child has not passed the HCS standards in Year 9, the child can take a retest in Year 10. Seeing this opportunity displayed students don’t need to be under a lot of pressure they can take the test with their mind at ease. However, it is recommended that students get proper tutoring support so they can get a good result and work on the strengths and weakness so it will help them not just for NAPLAN but, any future examinations in general.

Apart from tutoring, students should also “Self-Study”. Studying by yourself will increase the chances of you doing your best in an examination. Even if students do take tutoring lessons, it is important that they revise and practice what they have learned in their own time. A good way to study is re-doing the questions that have been done by the child and if they do not do tutoring they can always use practice test on the internet.

Even after all that is said, studying for NAPLAN can still be difficult for a lot of students. Now, here is where K12 comes in. K12 Academy is a tutoring centre in Penrith, which provides classes for students of all grades, and also provides preparation classes for NAPLAN, Opportunity Class, & Selective tests, Olympiads, ICAS tests etc. Our experienced teachers ensure that students are challenged to the best of their ability.


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