Importance of year 9 NAPLAN

As many of you may be aware that from 2017 onwards, it is compulsory for year 9 students to achieve at least a band 8 in their NAPLAN exams. It is vital for them to prepare themselves for this, and in order to sit their HSC, they must excel in year 9 NAPLAN. A few ways they can be successful in this test include, analysing the types of questions they will be asked, continuously practising previous NAPLAN tests, and asking teachers/tutors to assist them in obtaining the 8 bands students require. This blog will help you to understand the significance of year 9 NAPLAN, and how they can achieve to the best of their ability.

First and foremost, it is extremely important for students to comprehend the purpose of NAPLAN and what exactly they will be assessed on. The key focus of NAPLAN tests is to identify a learner’s strengths and weaknesses, in their numeracy and literacy skills. That is why you must have a certain level of these skills by the time of year 9 NAPLAN, to take part in the HSC. The types of questions that will be asked in this test are generally familiar to teachers and students around Australia. As of 2017, there are set to be some changes in the test papers regarding multiple choice questions, however, a majority of it will remain the same.

You may wonder what is the best way for children to study for this crucial examination? Well, it is advised that they try to attempt past papers, in order to succeed. This will give them the proper idea of what year 9 NAPLAN is like and the various questions they will be asked. There are many websites that provide pdf’s of NAPLAN tests and can be very useful to students for their studies. Another way for them to access learning resources for NAPLAN could be buying excel books dedicated to prepare students for this test, or simply borrowing those books from the library as a more affordable option. The students will be tested on their numeracy and literacy skills thoroughly, and practice is the ideal way for them to achieve the correct bands for prosperous senior studies.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that these young learners will require assistance from their teachers. For that reason, they should always ask their educators questions that will benefit their studies for this test. Nevertheless, often students need more than just the teacher’s help, which is why it would be encouraged for them to seek tutoring. Here at K12 Academy, we have qualified tutors who would be thrilled to help your child conquer the NAPLAN tests. Our tutors will answer their questions, and find appropriate ways to always challenge and make progress in the student’s learning. Therefore, tutoring would be the perfect option to get your child to achieve 8 bands in their NAPLAN.

In conclusion, the NAPLAN is extremely important for students to succeed in during their year 9 studies. There are many ways for them thrive in this test, and it is encouraged that they practice and advance their learning to excel in this examination.

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