HSC Exam preparation

HSC Preparation for students in NSW

Our HSC exam preparation is carried out in groups and also individually at our NSW K12 centre. Initially we group all of the students together to sit at an exam type environment, and we give them the HSC exam papers from the previous years to work on. After “exam” completion the papers are marked by our tutors and revised together with the students.

The right kind of exam preparation

Each student has the possibility to ask questions and speak about their difficulties. The tutors then sit with every student in a one on one session helping them out with the parts they are having problems with.
Finally the students are much more prepared because they know what to expect and they have worked on solving topics they were having most difficulties with.

At k12 we also offer the group study on self pace. We provide room for the students with there friends if they are interested in serious studies. But students has to follow the guidelines provided by the K12 Academy. Minimum 5 to 8 kids has to group together and cost will be discussed while you visit the premise.

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