How does my child prepare for opportunity classes and selective high schools?

Selection into an opportunity class or a selective high school is through placement tests help every year for Year 4 and Year 6 students respectively.

The Opportunity Class Placement Test is made up of two test papers with 35 questions each containing a mixture of reading, mathematics and general ability questions. The time allowed for these 35 questions is 30 minutes.

The Selective High School Placement Test consists of four tests. There are three multiple-choice tests in reading, mathematics and general ability. There are 45 questions in the reading test, 40 questions in the mathematics test and 60 questions in the general ability test. The time allowed for each test is 40 minutes are allowed. The fourth test is a writing test which is 20 minutes long.

Since students are generally given less than a minute for each question, the test clearly measures both speed and accuracy. This means that it is not enough for students to know how to get an answer. They need to be able to work swiftly as well without making any errors. It is expected that no student will achieve a maximum score.

Being well prepared will help students perform to their maximum potential. Doing practice tests repeatedly does help but it is more important to learn the strategies that can be used to solve different types of questions. It is better to learn how to think about particular types of questions than to do particular questions over and over again.

K12 Academy has the resources and expertise to give students the best chance at selection.
However, the aim of preparing for the test is not just to do very well and gain selection but to continue doing well after the test. The classwork in an opportunity classes or a selective school class is more rigorous than in the mainstream classes. Children attending these need to be able to cope with this level of work on a daily basis. At K12 Academy we believe the purpose of preparation is not for the test itself but for what is to be done once the test is over.

Each year more than ten thousand students compete for less than 2000 places in an opportunity class. So the reality is that many high performing students will not gain a place in these classes. These children can continue to challenge themselves and demonstrate their abilities by participating in extra-curricular competitions. They can take the ICAS tests in a range of subjects, the Australian Maths Trust challenge and participate in robotics competitions, debating competitions and many more. K12 Academy helps students prepare for these challenges.

The Opportunity Class and Selective High School preparation courses at K12 Academy focus on preparing students not just for selection but to ensure that students get the most out of their schooling regardless of whether they are selected or not.

That is the K12 Academy way.

K12 Academy provides excellent and reasonably priced preparation courses that help each child train for the next available test. These courses will help them boost their performances in any school situation. To enrol online go to .

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