K12 high school tuition


Apart from our tailored approaches to learning, the quality of our staff and our abundance of teaching resources, we also offer:

  • Holiday workshops in a variety of learning areas
  • Student clubs (for robotics, coding and more!)
  • Opportunities for your child to contribute to our magazine; applying their learnt skills to the real world.


In high school the worst feeling in the world is sitting there in class, confused by the subject when everyone else seems to know what is going on. You feel too embarrassed to ask questions in front of all your classmates and so you end up getting further and further behind. Our tutoring centre is here to break that downwards spiral. To sit patiently and clarify all areas of confusion. Through our help, you will not only keep up with the classwork, you will excel all expectations. Whether this is you, or whether you are a high achieving student who just wants to learn more than what school is offering you, K12 is here for you.
K12 high school tuition 3
K12 high school tuition 2


  • Quality, tailored learning
  • A choice of individual or group learning
  • Tutoring in maths, english and science
  • Tutoring for school competitions (e.g. NAPLAN, Selective, OC)
  • An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Qualified tutors who have achieved large success in your fields of study.

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