Exam and competitions preparation

Our lessons for exam preparations such as the Naplan exams and Selective School exams are carried out in groups and individually. For competitions such as Mathematics and IT Olymiads and ICAS, we create a combination of group and individual lessons where we go through all of the parts of the competitions.


Naplan (The National Assessment Program) is carried out in years 3, 5, 7 and 9, once a year (during the month of May). These tests are necessary to test the child’s progress in basic skills needed in life and education such as reading, numeracy, writing and spelling.
It is absolutely natural for a child to have difficulties in a certain skill, so during the preparation we focus on the parts that they are having the most trouble with. Finally we provide them with the possibility to sit at an exam type environment so that they can get the feeling for an exam and they will know what to expect, which results in reduced exam stress and anxiety.

Selective Schools exams preparation

For Selective Schools exam preparation, we work with students one on one. This way our tutors are able to work with the students abilities and to overcome their difficulties. Just like for Naplan exam preparations, the students are also given previous year exam papers and are able to prepare for the exam mentally.

National Competitions

We are very passionate about competitions because experience has taught us of the benefits that they have for children. Competitions not only provide the chance for a child to excel in their education but they are a means for personal growth for the child. A child that takes part in a competition learns many different skills and gains self-confidence and the willpower to study and be a part of something bigger.


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