Competitions in Australia


05 July 2018

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Competitions in Australia

Competitions in Australia

Education is an extremely vital part of an individual’s life; every student takes a different path on their education which leads them to great things. There are many children who are interested in competitions to take their academic knowledge to the next level. However, some of them are unsure of how, when and where to showcase their expertise. There are many competitions in Australia such as Australian Maths Competition (AMC), ICAS and etc.

AMC is run by the Australian Maths Trust (AMT), AMT is a ‘national not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to enrich the teaching and learning of mathematics for students of all standards’. Here, at K12 we provide our students with all the learning they need to achieve the best results possible in this competition. If a child succeeds in this test, they will be honoured with a BH Neumann award. This particular award honours the influence of Professor Bernhard H Neumann AC (1909-2002) who, ‘after his arrival in Australia in 1962, provided outstanding leadership, support and encouragement for mathematics and the teaching of mathematics at all levels.’

Furthermore, ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. The subjects in ICAS are- digital technologies, English, maths, science, spelling and writing. Over a million students from Australia and New Zealand participate in this test. students from over 20 countries including, USA, South Africa, India, Hong Kong and more. K12 will assist students with the preparation of this is test, we can help children with practice tests, hints and tips, and ways to solve questions they do not understand. Every student who participates in this test will be given a certificate, the levels of the certificates are, high distinction, distinction, credit, merit and participation. The top scoring students in each year level will be presented by a medal and a winner’s certificate. Medal winning senior students, who are in the last two years of their high school learning, will be credited with bonus ATAR points!

Therefore, if your child is looking to take their intelligence to the next level then K12 is the best place for them. We will provide and teach your child with all the necessary skills they will require, whether it is AMC or ICAS.

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