02 August 2018

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Changes to the HSC syllabus

Changes to the HSC syllabus

What are the changes?

From 2018, The NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) is implementing new preliminary and HSC syllabuses for a number of subjects. These areas include English, Mathematics, Science and History. The aim of this change is to ensure that students graduating with a Higher School Certificate are ready for continued education and/or the modern workforce. The syllabuses have been developed with a number of academics and industry leaders to help ensure that they are allowing students the best preparations for University and TAFE.

When are the changes happening?

HSC syllabus time table

What does this mean for my child?

The change of syllabus means that your child may need to prepare differently from how previous students have done so. This is because traditional methods of HSC study include doing past papers to get an understanding of the types of questions and how these questions are phrased and the appropriate response. As there are no past papers for the new syllabuses students will have to rely on an intensive understanding of all aspects of the new syllabuses. To do this, students made need to schedule outside classes with tuition school in order for them to be guided in understanding the vast amounts of knowledge and how to appropriately handle this.

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