Our Begin to Learn Program is focused to start your young ones' educational journey enjoyable.

Our School Readiness preparation helps children to explore their interests. The idea is to give children the academic tools with which to explore their own imaginations. It is a journey of foundation, exploration, curiosity, enthusiasm and passion. We deliver an hour lesson per week to develop motor, comprehension, literacy and numeracy skills, so that they feel comfortable when they start their schooling in the following year. We would love for you to visit our centre to meet us and find out what difference K12 Academy can make in your young ones' life.


Our school readiness program is thoughtfully designed to facilitate an easier transition into school life. The activities are built to ensure that kids develop the appropriate skills for optimal learning. When they start their school not only are they ready for academic activities but they also already know a much broader range of skills such as attention and concentration, use of materials, emotional regulation, language skills and social skills.
How does my child prepare for opportunity classes and selective high schools?


  • Build recognition of letters and numbers through fun activities
  • Build recognition of words that experts suggest are the most integral and frequent in reading
  • Use a wide variety of material objects to suit learning to the child's needs
  • Provide each child with a hardcopy workbooks that are designed to improve problem solving skills
  • Provide craftwork to develop fine motor skills and encourage child to creatively express themselves
  • Provide group activities that foster healthy emotional and social relationships between the children and teachers