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About Us


Here at K12 academy our team offers tutoring services for all ages, from pre-school to year 12! Our friendly and efficient tutors assist students to excel in every subject. If your child is struggling and falling behind in school it can be difficult for them to reach out for help. Our tutoring centre provides your child with the opportunity to comfortably ask all the questions they need, without fear of being judged. From group classes, to individual ones, our teachers put all their effort into making sure that your child’s learning is nourished. Every child has the potential to be extraordinary.

Due to the unlimited potential of our students here at K12 Academy, we also offer tutoring for competitions – to embrace the talent of those students who are looking to challenge themselves. We also have a range of different textbooks to improve your child’s learning, which are filled with up-to-date, syllabus-based resources. These resources combined with the expertise of our tutors give children the chance to move their learning forward in leaps and bounds. If you want brilliance from your child’s education, be sure to enrol here at K12 Academy!

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01. Experience

We have experienced that some students are sitting in their school classes, confused by the subject and feel too embarrassed to ask questions so they end up getting further and further behind. We are here to break that downwards spiral. Through our help, you will not only keep up with the classwork, you will excel all expectations. Whether you are a high achieving student who just wants to learn more than what school is offering you, K12 is here for you.

02. Professionality

At K12 Academy we are not only a tuition centre, we are an academy. Moreover, we are not to produce students who just scrape by, but to give students the opportunity to excel all expectations and become confident in their own abilities. Therefore, we are highly and professionally focus on making sure that students enjoy learning and receive holistic development. Students' education is one of the most important parts of us.

03. Guarantee

Our K12 tutors are highly skilled in their area of expertise and have undertaken extensive training with a proven record of achieving excellent results. We provide the most comfortable environment to get ahead with your studies and homework. Therefore, we guarantee that students will gain beneficial knowledge, skills, and tips from our experienced tutors as we have designed our program to suit the needs of students and to decrease stress.

04. Quality

K12 Academy comprises of a team with highly experienced and qualified tutors who prepare and deliver tailored lessons for each student's needs. We always analyse and evaluate the learning progress during and after each lesson. All of our tutors have also been required to obtain a Working With Children's Check (WWCC). This means that they have been checked by the government for any past misconduct and been found clean.

``The staff are so lovely and welcoming. The whole learning environment is comfortable and enthusiastic and I believe it really rubs off on the kids. There's nothing more inspiring than a teacher who is passionate about what they are teaching.``

Rachael Mckinstry