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There have been recent changes to the HSC standards. That is,


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Our regular assessments of each student’s learning and our small class sizes allow us to target everyone’s individual needs and to prevent students from retaining gaps in their knowledge that are overlooked in larger classrooms.

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Whatever your situation, we do our best to accommodate you. We offer services in English, Maths, Science, NAPLAN, OC, Selective, ACER, Olympiad and much more. If you are looking for something specialised, just ask us.

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When content is explained poorly children can easily become frustrated and give up. Not only do our inspirational teachers present concepts in easily understandable ways, we guide our students to use them practically and, thus, to retain the information for life.

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September 21

Why Collaborative Learning Is Important?

There’s a reason that the NSW BOSTES Syllabus specifically sets “communicates with peers and known adults in informal and guided activities demonstrating emerging skills of group interaction” as the topmost outcome. The findings of Vygotsky and many other renowned scholars has found that communication is a key facet to learning. In a student’s beginning years […]

September 21

The Benefits of Learning Another Language

The common belief used to be that being multilingual lessened your educational capabilities; slowing you down due to the necessity to learn information in two languages at once. However, studies have discovered that talking in at least two languages leads to incredible educational advantages. The brains of bilingual individuals work distinctly in contrast to single […]

September 21

How Music Helps With Maths

Children who take an interest in music lessons indicate more grounded spatial thinking abilities than those without music guidance. Children figure out how to use memory strategies methodically, with these routine procedures moving to the forefront while redundant methods fade to the background. Figuring out how to think methodically, enables kids to create foundational abilities […]

September 21

Advance Your English

English is a compulsory subject from kindergarten to year twelve, taught in most schools here in Australia. Australia has a very heavy monolingual bias which is heavily woven into our legal, educational and commercial systems. Therefore, expertise in english is greatly rewarded, and broken grammar, bad spelling or otherwise poor english often correlate with less […]

September 21

Take The Next Step In Mathematics

There are many students in Australia who excel at maths, but are not certain how to take their knowledge to a further level. They are limited by the level of maths that the rest of their class requires. If you are an individual who has great maths skills you may feel that there is no […]

August 2

Changes to the HSC syllabus

What are the changes? From 2018, The NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) is implementing new preliminary and HSC syllabuses for a number of subjects. These areas include English, Mathematics, Science and History. The aim of this change is to ensure that students graduating with a Higher School Certificate are ready for continued education and/or the […]


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